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10 good reasons to talk to us first

  1. Dare we come out and say it? We think some companies make buying an accessible vehicle a dull and boring experience - whereas we think getting a new car is exciting, important and fun.
  2. We understand that the person using a wheelchair isn’t the only one who’ll travel in the vehicle you choose. So we take everyone’s needs into account, from the family’s newest addition to pets, friends, sports gear and anything else you might need to cart around with you.
  3. Unlike most companies, we include metallic paint, air-conditioning & a rear seat as standard, at no extra cost!
  4. In a world of call centres and faceless companies, we offer something very simple, yet reassuring: a friendly, named point of contact and the opportunity to build a lasting relationship with people who listen and remember. We’ll even come and talk to you at your own home.
  5. We’ve been around for a lot longer than you think. That’s because we’re the direct-to-the-customer arm of Lateral Design Concepts, www.latdes.co.uk the UK’s leading supplier of wheelchair-accessible cars and conversion kits to the trade.
  6. Your new vehicle is a big investment, and you’ll probably own it for at least 5 years. So we see it as our job to involve, inform, guide and inspire you every step of the way towards making the right decision for you.
  7. We’ll fit a vehicle to you, not the other way around. We take a bespoke approach with everyone.
  8. We have an encyclopaedic (and worryingly nerdy) knowledge of wheelchair-accessible cars. We know who does which vehicles in which different ways, what the prices are, and what the issues are.
  9. We invest in our customers’ feedback and ideas. We check up on how our vehicles work, on where a small design change could make a big difference, and on how we could perform better.
  10. We want to be your first port of call whenever you have a question — even if we can’t help you ourselves, and have to pass you on to another firm. We have such a reputation for being helpful that many people recommend us even though they’ve never bought anything from us!
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