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A specialist team with a mutual history

When we started Accessible Vehicles in September 2012, we wanted to make sure that – right from the start – we had a team of people who understood our customers, the vehicles we build, and the choice of other conversions out there. So we recruited a team of people who all share the same values, the same commitment to outstanding service, and huge industry experience.

Our three principal members of staff bring with them a mix of knowledge, experience and expertise gathered over many years of supplying wheelchair-accessible vehicles. Meet them here:

  • Steve Truesdale

    Mobility Advisor

    Steve's introduction to accessible transport began at a young age; he often accompanied his father, who drove adapted buses, on day-trips and holidays. He soon took an interest in classic cars, and began restoring his own car at the age of 15. A year later, he secured a job at a vehicle-restoration company, where he worked for the next 4 years while also studying Art & Mechanics at college. After completing his education Steve ventured into the care sector, working with adults with learning disabilities, and met the dealer who supplied them with accessible vehicles. read more... Offered a job initially as a delivery driver with a wheelchair-accessible vehicle supplier, Steve quickly worked his way up to mobility advisor, supplying many hundreds of cars across the UK over the next 10 years. He understands both the engineering and human elements of adapted vehicles, and his vast experience in the types of vehicle available means he can help customers to identify a suitable car quickly, easily and without fuss. OK, Steve’s a car-obsessive. We've rarely known him to stick with just one car for any longer than 6 months at a time before he feels the need to change. His addiction to classic VWs, however, remains steadfast – no matter how we try to talk him out of it. Steve joined the Lateral family in late 2012 to set up the Accessible Vehicles side of the business.

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  • Jo Carroll

    Mobility Advisor

    Jo's gentle manner and huge experience with disability and travel started with her father's business back in the early 1980s — the highly regarded Invatravel Conversions, who would eventually go on to become part of Brotherwood Automobility. She initially worked in the care industry before finally joining the expanding family business in the late 1980s, where she quickly moved from an administration position to heading up sales of the VW Caddy, eventually becoming a director of the business that latterly specialised in high-end VW-Caravelle-based conversions. read more... In 2010, Jo joined Graham and Steve to work on sales of the InFront range of vehicles. Like both of them, Jo’s a true petrolhead — and can often be found attending classic-car rallies and hillclimbs with her father. If it has 4 wheels and is fairly quick, Jo usually likes it. Along with Graham and Steve Jo joined the Lateral family to head up the opening and launch of Accessible Vehicles in late 2012.

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